Scheme of Service (SoST)

Scheme of Service (SoST)



Target Group                  

No. of Years in the LGS              


Tuition cost



Career Beginners                 

1-4 years             

Six (6) Weeks                  

GHC 4,000.00

2.Graduate   Professional Diploma           

Middle Management Professionals              

5-8 years

Six (6) Weeks

GHC 4,000.00

3.Senior Management

Senior Management Professionals

9-12 years

Two (2) Weeks

GHC 2,500.00

4.Executive Certificate


13-16 years

Two (2) Weeks

GHC 2,500.00


Senior Executives            

Above 16 years                         

One (1) Week                        

GHC 1,500.00


















          Programmes and Specialisation Areas

  The programmes and areas of specialisation available for the respective professional clusters below:

I. Certificate Programmes

 1.Public Policy and Management (PPM)

 2.Human Resource Management (HRM)

3.Planning for Local Level Development (PLD)

4.Public Financial Management (PFM)

5.Local Infrastructure Planning and Management (IPM)

6.Social Policy Design, Planning and Development (SPD)

7.Environmental Health, Water and Sanitation (EHS)

8.Management Information Systems (MIS)

II. Post Graduate Professional Diploma Programmes

  1. Local Government and Public Policy (LGPP)
  2. Local Finance and Fiscal Decentralisation (LFFD)
  3. Leadership and Management(L&M)
  4. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  5. Local Economic Development (LED)
  6. Social Protection (SP)
  7. Public Health and Population Studies (PHPS)

III. Senior Management Programmes

  1. Public Policy and Management (PPM)
  2. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  3. Planning for Local Development (PLD)
  4. Public Financial Management (PFM)
  5. Environmental Health, Water and Sanitation (EHS)
  6. Social Policy Design, Planning and Development (SPD)
  7. Local Infrastructure Planning and Management (IPM)
  8. Public Procurement and Value for Money Analysis (PVM)

IV. Executive Courses

  1. Managing Assemblies as Corporate Businesses
  2. Democratic Developmental Local Governance
  3. Local Economic Development
  4. Public Relations, Publicity and Media Engagements
  5. Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance
  6. Citizens Participation and Inclusive Governance
  7. Climate Adaptation and Local Resilience
  8. Conflict, Rule of Law and Local Security
  9. Gender Responsive Governance
  10.  Inclusive Service Delivery and Localising the SDGs
  11.  Water and Sanitation Governance

Campuses and Centres                   Quarterly Programme Schedules / Periods

  • Accra Campus                                Q1. Sessions: January-March   
  • Tamale Campus                              Q2. Sessions: April-June
  • Regional Training Centres               Q3. Sessions: July-September

Q4. Sessions: October-December