The Royal Academy

Royal Academy

The Royal Academy of Chiefs and Traditional Authorities (RACTA) of the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS) is a Centre of excellence for information dissemination, capacity building and knowledge management for traditional authorities. The Centre aligns the roles of traditional and local government authorities to foster community goal congruence and local level development priorities.

The Functions of the Centre:

Research and dissemination

The Centre will undertake research initiated by the Centre, the Institute, the sector ministries or any other organization and disseminate its findings to the public. 


The Centre, through advocacy, will project the significant roles traditional authorities still have to contribute towards the achievement of National and International developmental goals and agenda e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals and engage stakeholders for legislation on the formal integration of traditional authorities into local and national governance structures.


The Centre will train and equip traditional authorities with the requisite knowledge in local governance to enable them work with local governments (LGs) to ensure coherent, harmonious, and sustainable local development. The training will seek to enhance the skills and attitudes of chiefs in contemporary local governance in line with the expectation of citizens, as well as the changing modalities for promoting local level development. It will also enable traditional authorities to effectively communication and collaboration stakeholders of the decentralised governance system.

Funding for the Centre

The Centre will solicit funds from development partners to undertake the training and development of traditional authorities for them to play meaningful roles in the development of the nation.

Secretariat of the centre

The Centre will have a Head who will be assisted by an Administrative Staff who will be in charge of steering the affairs of the Centre as well as organizing training for traditional authorities, local government functionaries and other stakeholders.