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The Tamale Campus of the Institute which was commissioned is mandated to cater for the Northern Sector of the country encompassing the Northern, Upper-East, Upper-West, Savanna and North-East Regions. It also included until the establishment of the Middle Belt Campus the Bono, Ahafo, Bono-East and the Oti Regions

Within the twenty-three (23) years of its existence, the campus has implemented various projects and programmes and developed and gathered a wide range of experiences which are critical to national and local development. The campus has also undertaken a myriad of services to clients of its catchment area in line with the Institute’s mission and vision since its inauguration.


The Tamale Campus of the Institute, over two decades, has pursued the envisaged mandate of the Institute with some remarkable achievements. It has been guided by three successive five-year corporate plans and its strengths have been in the following areas:

  • Strategically located in the nodal town of Tamale for potential collaboration at the national and local levels;
  • Campus is physically located in the heart of the city and well recognized institutionally;
  • The campus has couched a nitch for itself in the northern part of Ghana and with strong track record in organization of training and capacity building for staff and members of MMDAs and non-state actors within its catchment area
  • Has control of a considerable land area;    Serene environment conducive for training, teaching and learning;
  • Considerable adequate infrastructure and virile young staff with considerable loyalty and commitment to the Institute;
  • Familiar with technology and demonstrable capacity for innovative work, research and learning institution

The Campus also has varied experienced faculty members who all teach and conduct research in areas of the current four (4) Masters degree programmes being run.

Studies and Research

The Tamale Campus of the Institute has well experienced faculty staff that support in the delivery of the current four (4) masters’ degree programmes being run, namely: MSc Environmental Science, Policy and Management, MA Local Government Administration and Organization, MSc Public Financial Management, MSc Local Economic Development.

Information Documentation and Dissemination

Local government information mobilization, documentation and dissemination constitute a core ILGS responsibility. The campus has a library facility with a comprehensive collection of literature. The Campus also has an excellent internet infrastructure for online literature search and delivery of lectures.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

The Campus offers consultancy and advisory services to MMDAs and other development partners within its catchment area (the Northern sector of Ghana). The Tamale Campus of the ILGS has access to a wide mix of local professional associates who provide clients with expert advice.

Management Development and Training

The campus has in collaboration with its partners developed comparative strengths in a variety of learning and research and consultancy and policy advisory services, advocacy campaigns and training programmes that seek to promote sustainable and pro-poor urban development in Ghana. It has contributed to improving the competencies and capacities of various MMDAs and non-state actors to effectively deliver on their roles and responsibilities with professionalism and efficiency.

Scheme of Service Training

The Tamale Campus of Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS) has contributed to the development of modules for the implementation of continuous professional development programmes (Scheme of Service Training) for staff of the Local Government Service (LGS) with support from the Office of the Head of Local Government Service (OHLGS) and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD).

P. O. Box 1852, Tamale

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Dagomba road

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+2333 (0) 372 094168

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